Whole Lemon Strawberry Sorbet

I’m going through a real sorbet / ice cream-making phase right now. If you followme on Instagram(and how can you not?!), you saw me make a vanilla bean ice cream a few weeks ago, and a Concord grape sorbet more recently. Not only was it fun to dig out my old ice cream maker (it’s nothing fancy; just a crappy old Cuisinart, with a canister I keep in the freezer), but it’s been EXTRA fun to have homemade frozen treats waiting for me every night after dinner. I have a real sweet tooth, but eating a whole dessert every night is a lot, so I just have a spoonful or two of homemade ice cream or sorbet, and I’m good.

Yesterday, I was at the farmer’s market and I decided to brave the line at the only organic stand (they’re so popular, they scared away all the others). As I gathered up heirloom tomatoes and zucchini, I spied really gorgeous strawberries. Even though strawberries are more of a spring thing (aren’t they?), these specimens were pretty undeniable.

I mean: who could say no to these?

As I lounged around reading the Sunday Times, I contemplated what I’d do with these berries. Obviously, I was going to take out my ice cream maker, it was just a question of ice cream vs. sorbet.


As I turned to the world of sorbet, many of the recipes had you cook the berries. These berries were so beautiful and tasted so good, something about that felt very wrong. Wasn’t there a recipe that’d let me preserve that raw berry flavor?

Which is when I hit upon the most insane sorbet recipe I’ve ever encountered:Amanda Hesser’s take on The River Cafe’s recipewhich has you blend a WHOLE LEMON along with TWO POUNDS of berries and two cups of sugar. That’s it. You churn that. Say WHAT?

I knew that I had to try it.

幸运的是,我有一个柠檬:所以我就切,picked out the seeds, chopped it some more, and threw it into my food processor with two cups of sugar.


When those were blended, I folded the two mixtures together and added a big splash of Campari because alcohol helps sorbet not get too hard in the freezer (plus: Campari seemed like a good idea).


Thirty minutes later, I had this Whole Lemon Strawberry Sorbet:

What did it taste like?

Pow! It was so punchy and exciting and very, very sweet. But that raw berry flavor that I wanted was there, along with the bitterness and acidity of the lemon. The texture is kind-of viscous. But it’s unlike any sorbet you’ve had before, and the process is undeniably easy.